A local radio station run by volunteers launches a survival offer

A local non-profit radio station has appealed for crowdfunding to help it stay on the air.

Salford City Radio is run by a single member of staff, with around 80 volunteers helping to create a platform that is making ‘a real difference’ to the people of Salford.

The station’s radio shows are all presented and produced by volunteers from all walks of life, who in turn receive new training and skills.

For 15 years, Salford City Radio has given its team ‘a much-needed sense of purpose and routine, a reason to get out of bed each day and keep going.

Credit: Salford City Radio

Many of its volunteers have come to the station due to difficult circumstances such as poor health, dismissal or bereavement.

But the station now faces the costly process of renewing its Ofcom license, as well as its equipment and running costs.

He hopes to raise £20,000 over the next fortnight to cover those costs and stay on the air.

Salford City Radio added that it provides ‘a voice for community organizations and charities, local businesses, schools, local theatres, artists and musicians in Salford and beyond, and much more”.

Local radio station that gives people
Credit: Salford City Radio

He has already managed to raise £2,681 in donations.

They wrote, “Although like commercial stations we produce shows and commercials, we don’t make a lot of money, we are a non-profit community station whose shows are all produced and presented by volunteers. from all walks of life and at all levels. capacity.

“It gives them the opportunity to learn new skills in both radio and other media, as well as many transferable skills, helping to improve self-confidence, build resumes and increase career potential. obtaining gainful employment.

“The Council kindly supported us financially until 2016, and are still supporting us by providing accommodation for our studios. Without their support, we would have had to close.

The studio is run from the Salford Civic Center in Swinton.

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Salford City Radio continued: ‘We ask that you please help out if you can, by donating to our crowdfunder.

“As a thank you for your kind donation, you will be rewarded with opportunities to get noticed on air, to be a guest on air, or maybe even host your own show!

“Your contribution will make a real difference to the people of Salford. Thank you for listening and supporting 94.4 FM.

You can donate at crowdfunder.co.uk/p/salford-city-radio.

Featured Image: Salford City Radio

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