Bill Cosby gives post-prison interview to Ohio radio station


Bill Cosby gave one of his first interviews after being released from prison in June to discuss the Olympics and the pandemic.

On Friday morning, Cosby was interviewed for approximately 15 minutes on the WWGH radio show “Now with Scott Spears” in Marion, Ohio. The conversation focused on topics such as the Olympics, teaching and education, and the pandemic.

What didn’t come up in the conversation, however, was the recent allegations against Cosby and the overturning of his convictions that sent him to jail. Cosby was arrested in 2015 after a district attorney discovered new unsealed charges against Cosby just days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired.

He was accused of drugging and assaulting Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his home more than ten years ago. He continuously denied the allegation and said their encounters were consensual.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in June that the district attorney filing a lawsuit against Cosby was obligated to honor the previous district attorney’s promise not to indict Cosby.

Cosby was released from jail hours after the decision was made. He will later take to Twitter to thank the court for its ruling and continue to defend himself.

The radio host said he did not question Cosby about the allegations and the lawsuits, as the 84-year-old comedian is currently facing multiple civil lawsuits. The host added that Cosby’s attorneys advised him not to talk about these matters until the proceedings are over.

Spears said that once the lawsuits against Cosby are finalized, he plans to hold another interview with the comedian on his show to discuss the lawsuits, the allegations and his prison term.

Cosby gave his first post-prison interview to Detroit Radio Station Mix 92.3.


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