Bloomberg unveils stunning new radio studio


This one would surely have done Radio inkthe best facility problem. On Wednesday, Bloomberg showcased its new state-of-the-art multiplatform broadcast studio at Bloomberg’s world headquarters in New York.

The new space is equipped with technology that allows simultaneous production of radio and video. The Space is a circular glass studio located in one of the busiest areas of Bloomberg headquarters and a short walk from one of the world’s only curved escalators.

The new studio houses Bloomberg’s radio programs, including Bloomberg Watch, with Tom Keene, Jonathan Ferro and Pimm Fox, Bloomberg Markets, with Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz, and the new afternoon workout program Bloomberg Business Week, with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly.

Extract from Bloomberg press release: “The fully IP audio-based studio is equipped with 7680 × 1080 graphic display capability and intelligent automation for operator-less video control and item presentation. related to history, as well as brand strengths and market information. . Ten cameras are integrated throughout the space, providing a comfortable interview experience and a compelling visual presentation, which will also enable future TV broadcasts. For the first time, radio presenters will have the opportunity to create charts, tables and other visuals while on air. These elements will enrich the simultaneous broadcast of Bloomberg’s radio programming on YouTube, scheduled for early 2019.

Photos courtesy of Bloomberg


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