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In 2011, at their 36th annual conference, Unesco delegates decided that World Radio Day would be celebrated on February 13 of each year. This is a quiz on the world of broadcasting.

Radio Gaga

1 One explanation offered for this three-letter term was one of the first wireless radio stations launched by Albert Hyman, Robert Almy, and Reginald Murray. What is the term, often used to refer to amateur radio stations or operators?

2 What iconic radio brand, in India and around the world, was associated with a chubby toddler with a finger placed close to his lips? If it helps, did that inspire the name of a popular Hindi movie released in 2012?

3 All India Radio’s Vividh Bharati service was launched on October 3, 1957, primarily to combat the popularity of another Asian radio station. Name it.

4 Radio Londres was a French-language radio station from the days of World War II and was operated by French people who had escaped from occupied France. One of its two major objectives was to counter Nazi propaganda. Who was the other?

5 Guglielmo Marconi patented the radio in 1896 and jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909 for his work in the field. For which nation did he personally set up a radio station in 1931?

6 The BBC is often known in the UK as “Beeb”. What former radio star and later movie actor coined the term on his iconic radio show The Goon Show?

7 The BBC was the first broadcaster to provide bullet-by-bullet radio coverage of a test cricket match. The first special test match was launched in May 1957 during an England-West Indies series. The commentary team included Rex Alston, EW Swanton, Ken Ablack, Norman Yardley, Freddie Brown and another legendary commentator. Name the sixth person.

8 One of the BBC’s biggest rivals in the 1960s was pirate radio stations operating from unlicensed ships. What was the most popular pirate radio station, featuring famous jockeys such as Tony Blackburn and Simon Dee?

9 Which small hamlet has become nationally famous, thanks to the efforts of businessman Rameshwar Prasad Barnwal and traders Ganga Prasad Magadhiya and Nandlal Sinha?

ten What was created by Walter Kaufmann who fled Europe to escape the Nazis and took a stand in India in the 1930s?


1 Radio amateurs, from the first letters of their last names. There are other theories about its origin.

2 Murphy, the movie Barfi! got its name from Murphy’s mispronunciation.

3 Radio Ceylan, very popular at the time.

4 To send coded messages to the French resistance, especially before the invasion of Normandy in June 1944.

5 Vatican City. He was specially invited by the Pope for this purpose. Radio Vaticana turned 90 yesterday.

6 Peter Sellers. The Goon Show also featured legendary comedians Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe.

7 John Arlott.

8 Radio-Caroline.

9 Jhumri Telaiya in Jharkhand; the trio began sending regular song requests to Radio Ceylan and Vividh Bharati, which made Jhumri Telaiya a household name for most listeners.

ten The flagship song of All India Radio, which he premiered in 1936. Kaufmann later emigrated to the United States and became a music professor at Indiana University.

Joy Bhattacharjya is a quiz facilitator;

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