Dan Bongino threatens to quit Cumulus radio show over company’s vaccine mandate


Conservative expert Dan Bongino is threatening to stop hosting his daily radio show on Cumulus Media’s coronavirus vaccine requirement for employees.

Bongino, who has been vaccinated and is receiving treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, said on his show Monday that he was publicly announcing his opposition to the company’s vaccine policy on behalf of other members of the company “so you know that I do not give up “.

“But I promise you, I don’t mean to let these guys get let go, get harassed because they’ve made a private, personal medical decision on just one of the biggest issues of our time.” Bongino said of other company employees doing it. not to have the massive audience that it has acquired on the radio network.

Westwood One airs Bongino’s show weekdays from noon to 3 p.m., the time slot previously occupied by late conservative media giant Rush Limbaugh, who died of cancer earlier this year.

“You can have me or the warrant. But you can’t have both of us,” Bongino noted.

Westwood One’s parent company, Cumulus Media, informed employees in August that it would require them to be vaccinated by the end of September in order to return to the office on October 11.

“Exceptions to the return-to-office plan will not be taken into account, unless required by law. The decision to return to our offices was taken with the utmost consideration and reflects how we believe we can optimize our business efforts, ”the company reportedly said in a note to its thousands of employees at the time. “Simply put, we believe FORCE CUMULUS is at our best when we work together in offices. To do this in the safest way possible, we demand that everyone be vaccinated except those who are legally exempt. It wouldn’t be fair and we don’t have the bandwidth to make exceptions based on individual preferences. “

Bongino said Monday that Cumulus employees like him have “the right to make their own medical decisions” and the company “has the right to do whatever it wants, too.”

“But if the company has to make political decisions, and I think it was a political decision, then the company should at least recognize that it makes a lot of money with people who have the opposite political conviction,” did he declare.

Cumulus Media did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Bongino’s comments. The company has reportedly already laid off several employees, including some on-air hosts, for pushing back on the company’s vaccine demands.


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