Dual-function radio broadcast for additional clues


Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 10 of AHS.

Even before american horror story Season 10 – subtitled Dual functionality – created, there was a roundabout spin-off planned to accompany it. No, this isn’t another anthology series to blow your mind and leave you racking your brains for more answers. Instead, it’s a radio show that accompanies the season.

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But how can you listen to the American Horror Story: Double Feature Film radio program? All three short episodes are available to stream now.

Narrated by Rose Flynn, radio host for Provincetown’s fictional KPCD 666 Cape Radio station, each of the segments is meant to include details and clues about Dual functionality. It also airs from Provincetown, which serves as the setting for the first six episodes of the AHS season.

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How do I listen to the radio show ‘AHS: Double Feature’?

Excerpts from the three episodes of the Dual functionality a radio show was posted on Instagram ahead of season 10 AHS first. Now, full episodes are available on YouTube. Each episode is no longer than nine minutes and includes music and commentary by Rose Flynn.

Additionally, the radio show features calls from Provincetown residents reporting strange events and sightings of strange creatures in town. In the first episode, Rose explains how Provincetown attracts all kinds of creative types who come there for inspiration.

As a longtime resident, Rose may know a thing or two about the goosebumps unfolding in Provincetown …

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It is not clear if the ‘Double Feature’ radio host is part of the FX series.

Although Rose is the host of the fictional radio show attached to Dual functionality, she is not listed as a character for episode 1 of the season. She could be a part of the show down the line, but for now, she’s the first fan window into the mystery of the AHS season. In the second episode of the radio show, Rose receives calls from residents who come up with ideas for improving the city.

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A visitor mentions a “vagrant” in his shop who calls people “dirty leeches”. Later in the call, when he realizes Rose is ill, the caller makes sure she hasn’t “taken anything”.

There is an underlying drug problem in this small town, but it’s not clear if this has anything to do with the weird events depicted in the Season 10 trailer.

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Are there aliens in ‘AHS: Double Feature’?

Part of the Season 10 trailer shows a scientist in a lab. And one of the trailers features aliens. These clues have led many fans to wonder if Dual functionality concerns aliens, whether in the first six episodes or in the second act, titled Death Valley.

A Reddit fan shared the theory that the sharp-toothed creatures in promos are the result of a mad scientist experimenting on aliens.

The theory hasn’t been proven yet, but that doesn’t seem like a crazy guess, given how little information teased in the trailers before the premiere. In addition, the Dual functionality the radio broadcast may provide additional clues.

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