GameRant: Warner Bros. Discovery has no intention of cutting Toonami – Interest

The block also plans to continue its slate of original anime projects, including the upcoming Housing Complex C

GameRant reported on Saturday that Warner Bros. Discovery has no intention of cutting adult swimmingit is Toonami block, according to company representatives. The company also confirmed that the block will continue its slate of original anime projects. This includes the Housing Complex C horror anime (pictured right), which will premiere on October 1.

The project represents the block’s recent commitment to producing original anime or anime-adjacent content alongside English-dubbed versions of Japanese television anime. Yuji Nara is directing the series at Ogikubo-based animation studio Akatsuki, which worked on a Gucci commercial featuring an animated version of Miley Cyrus. amphibian is credited for the original concept. Jason DeMarcocreative director of Toonami and senior vice president of action and anime for WarnerMedia, is the executive producer and United States GI productionit is Maki Terashima – Furuta (Alternative FLCL, Fena: Pirate Princess) is the producer.

The statement may reassure anime fans amid the company’s recent upheaval. According to insider leaks, the consolidations and restructurings have led to numerous cuts in HBO Maxof, including several animation projects and the live-action bat girl film.

Warner Bros. Discovery announcement earlier this month than HBO Max and Discovery+ will merge into a single streaming platform in 2023. WBD has not announced the brand’s new pricing.

adult swimming and HBO MaxThe adult animation development teams merged in 2021. Suzanna Makkos was named executive vice president of original comedy and adult animation for both brands.

WarnerMedia announced a reorganization of its divisions in March 2019 which brings together several of its subsidiaries and brands, including Otter Media (Ellation, Crunchyroll, rooster teeth, VRV), cartoon network, adult swimmingand Boomerang — in a single unit “Global Kids & Young Adults”.

Source: Gamer (Kevin Credo) via RBC

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