Hover over an old Kaunas radio station with a hypnotic acid set by Less Feeling – The Calvert Journal


Which: Less Feeling (aka Å arÅ«nas Å imaitis), a Lithuanian DJ well known to house and disco lovers in the country’s second largest city, Kaunas. Å imaitis performed live on the roof of a former radio factory in an episode of Antidote: a series of videos in which Lithuanian talents from all over the country are invited to perform, each of the sets being broadcast online. So far, the episodes have taken viewers inside medieval monuments and church bells, atop the tallest Soviet-era tower in Vilnius, around airports and in the middle of the countryside, in the hope of integrating electronic music into everyday Lithuanian culture and bringing attention to the country’s urban and rural sites.

What to expect: the set leans heavily on the breakbeat and, in the space of an hour, gradually introduces sounds of acid, house and 90’s inspiration. Meanwhile, we can soak up wonderful shots of the radio station and the nearby Modernist Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ, against the backdrop of Kaunas’s Modernist cityscape. The video quickly switches between drone footage and ensemble close-ups, and mixes the shots using quirky transitions that add to the psychedelic feel of the performance.

What they say: “Kaunas has constantly taken small steps to reclaim its lost identity, having been forced into deep stagnation under Soviet rule, finally reaching a point where resurgence is felt through its architectural novelties and cultural maturity. Its electronic music landscape has become one of the most attractive in Europe for its young generation of remarkable talent, ”said Antidote. Calvert’s Journal. “This episode aims to show that the development of cultural idealism and artistic modernity in Kaunas is taking shape in a completely different direction.

Why should we listen: Shot at sunset, it is a gentle, rhythmic journey through Kaunas, but also symbolic: taking place on an old radio station being reopened, it shows the power of music to revive public spaces, and life.


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