Kate Garraway beams outside the radio studio after recovering from an eye injury


Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway gave a big smile as she arrived on Smooth Radio for her show today after recovering from eye problems caused by an old contact lens

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Kate Garraway ’embarrassed’ as diagnosed with horrific eye problem in hospital

Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway put on a big smile as she arrived at Smooth Radio for her show today.

The TV presenter, 53, wore orange pants and a black shirt and carried a large purse and food from Pret A Manger.

She looked happy to be back at work after the weekend.

Kate also went without her glasses after finally solving the mysterious eye problem that had bothered her all last week.

After spending six days wearing her glasses, Kate went to the hospital to find out what was wrong and a doctor found an old contact lens stuck in her eye.

Speaking on GMB last week, Kate admitted the lens was there for six days – and she got a red face when she found out.

Kaye Garraway was all smiles outside the Smooth radio studio today


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She explained: “It turned out to be an extraordinarily complicated medical problem.

“A team of ophthalmic nurses were absolutely baffled, but after a few drops of eye numbing, so I wasn’t a big girl’s gown, it was actually a contact lens stuck to the top of my eye.

“He had been there for about six days! … I thought I got him out but there was still a little devious about it.

She beamed as she walked to work


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Kate wore Pret food


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“I feel a little embarrassed, like I’ve taken people’s time just to be messy.”

She had been told to stop wearing her contact lenses for a while after doctors removed the old one from her eye, but she was back there on Friday.

Kate ditched her glasses again today, so it looks like her eye problem is gone now that the rogue lens has been removed.


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