La Selecta, Hampton Roads’ full-time Hispanic radio station


For over 15 years, Jhirber Galva “Mangu” and Ricardo Alegria have been the voices of Hampton Roads’ only full-time Hispanic radio station, La Selecta WVXX, 103.3 FM / 1050 AM.

La Selecta radio is more than great entertainment. For Jhirber and Ricardo, it’s about helping people on a daily basis and staying engaged in the community.

Come experience La Selecta from the inside out and meet Jhirber and Ricardo in the video above. Or, read the full transcript of the video below (slightly edited for clarity).

Jhirber Galva (left) and Ricardo Alegria (right) from La Selecta

Ricardo Alegria, CEO, Dos Media INC.

Ricardo Alegria, La Selecta – (00:18) – I have been working at La Selecta for 16 years and a few months since 2005, when it started. We continue to work for the community. We are very grateful to help the Latino community here at Hampton Roads.

Jhirber Galva (Mangu) from WVXX

Jhirber Galva, MGR, Dos Media INC. | La Selecta (00:45) – I’m from the Dominican Republic. I’ve been here since 1996. Being a leader in the Hispanic community comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to behave differently when going out in public or helping someone in the community, like you treat other Hispanics.

Ricardo Alegria (left) and Jhirber Galva (right)

RA (01:12) – I met my friend Mangu 15 years ago when he entered radio. We have the same goals for the community. I feel good that we have worked together for so long. Now that we are colleagues, we are trying to make our dreams come true – to grow the radio station and grow together now as owners.

JG (01:51) – We have a lot of business relationships, but for us it’s more than just business relationships. It’s about figuring out how to help as well and using the Hispanic community to help. That’s why we have a great partnership with St. Jude Hospital. We have a very good relationship with all the non-profit organizations in the region.

RA (02:11) – Our vision is the same, but we are now more committed to the community. We will continue to fight to give them the most opportunities to grow so that people know that we have come to this country to work, to be successful, because this is the country where you can make your dreams come true.

Radio La Selecta
Jhirber Galva “Mangu”

While it’s clear that the two are passionate about their Hispanic community, Mangu thinks it’s the best of both worlds. He pursues his lifelong dream of being an artist.

JG (02:44) – I’ve always been in love with the radio. So I thought that in 2006, 10 years after I joined the military, it was time to go out and do what I really wanted to do, which is to entertain people.

Mangu describes his afternoon time slot as therapy on wheels.

JG (03:11) – Our afternoon show… I think someone needs to calm down. If you come home from work and have had a crazy day, you want to laugh, you want to relax, you want to enjoy. When you get home, the bad news will still be there on TV. So while you get home, I want to make sure you go with a smile.

La Selecta’s voices remain strong, strong and hopeful as they celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and their audience growth for years to come.

La Selecta

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