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Talk 100.3 will offer three talk shows – talk BREAKFAST, talk BUSINESS and talk BACK from Sunday to Thursday
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Fun Asia Network, the region’s fastest growing media network, recently launched its fourth independent radio station – Talk 100.3 in conjunction with Channel 2 Group Corporation less than a year after the launch of Beat 97.8, Big 106.2 and Luv 107.1.

The new addition is taking the airwaves by storm by offering the South Asian community a whole new formula, mixing sports, news and conversation with Talk 100.3 at the center of the action.

The new station offers two daily broadcasts each week from Sunday to Thursday, including breakfast and driving time slots – rounded by hourly segments from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., including business noon to 1 p.m., sporting highlights with business reports from around the world throughout the day.

Talk 100.3 features a mix of high profile and well-known established radio presenters including Sobia Khan, Vivek Sanil and Anjan Ganesh returning to the airways on Talk 100.3.

“To think we’re pretty excited that this day has arrived!” Talk 100.3 has been a long time coming – and we know that’s what the UAE has been missing, ”said Sam Thakkar, CEO of Fun Asia Group. “The Fun Asia Network continues to grow its presence in the UAE by providing the public with high quality content, from music and market news, business trends, financial forums and the global economy in general. . “

“We are delighted to partner with Fun Asia, not only to increase the audience for their existing lineup of major resorts, but to develop a whole new format, combining our sports expertise with their reach and mass broadcast,” said Ajay Sethi, President and MD Channel 2 Group Corporation.

Talk 100.3

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Talk 100.3 will offer three talk shows – talk BREAKFAST, talk BUSINESS and talk BACK from Sunday to Thursday. The BREAKFAST talk show will be hosted by Sobia Khan and Vivek Sanil from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. It will provide listeners with news, business analysis, commentary, content, interviews and engaging conversation.

The show will feature business headlines every 15 minutes, the BBC Minute in English and Hindi, a summary of the day’s main topics and headlines, the latest sports scores, in-depth discussions and analysis of international markets and news as well as interviews with industry leaders and in-depth sports analysis.

Talk BUSINESS will run from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. with a summary of the morning international markets and trade updates from around the world, while the talk BACK program with Anjan Ganesh will be presented from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Ganesh will continue the conversation on the way back. Topics include News, Sports & Conversation, Daily Headlines, Latest Sports Scores, Conversation, Informative Discussions, Debates, and Entertainment.

Fun Asia Network is the region’s fastest growing radio network, comprising four radio stations in the UAE as well as frequencies in North America and the subcontinent. Fun Asia caters to all demographics, thanks to its selection of FM stations; Beat 97.8, Talk 100.3, Big 106.2 and Luv 107.1 reaching over 2.3 million daily listeners, including over 3,000,000 unique streaming hours and 200,000 social media subscribers. From festival exclusives to exciting and biting matches and dedicated content, Fun Asia stands for the best in music, chat and entertainment.

BEAT 97.8 is the only dedicated dance music station in the United Arab Emirates, providing listeners with a “voice” and, most importantly, a platform where they can be entertained all day, all night and all year!

LUV 107.1 is a contemporary adult (AC) station unique to the United Arab Emirates offering listeners a variety of 90s and naughty hits throughout the day. Luv 107.1 offers listeners a full program of shows as well as the BBC minute, live performances and freebies.

BIG 106.2 is the oldest Bollywood and South Asian radio station in the United Arab Emirates, ensuring its legacy as the number one Bollywood station in the country with over 1.7 million listeners daily


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