Louder Than War is launching his own radio station!

Louder Than War is delighted to announce the launch of Louder Than War Radio. The new station, which broadcasts 24/7, is a collaboration between Manchester-based broadcasting company Radio.co and Louder Than War and will offer a wide range of programming spanning a variety of genres. As Louder Than War supremo John Robb said, “We don’t want this to be a station full of indie!”

After hosting The Louder Than War Show on Radio Alty, Louder Than War’s Nigel Carr decided to launch the station after being ousted when he fell out with the community station’s obscure management team. Nigel said:

“Radio Alty director and chairman Stephen Carlton-Woods, who is vice chairman of the Greater Manchester region Tories, reported live from the Tory party conference in Manchester in October. I asked the team if Radio Alty would cover all other political parties, adding that “as an independent radio station, we must remain apolitical”. They did not like it and fired me on the spot without possibility of recourse, after 78 concerts given for free. I thought it was time for us to start our own radio station! “

Nigel Carr - Louder Than War Radio
Nigel carr

Nigel’s show comes out every Wednesday in its familiar 9 p.m. slot. It features a roundup of all of Louder Than War’s latest covers, as well as its own eclectic selection under the tagline, ‘go back to the past to make sense of the present. The show is full of new punk, post-punk, psych and alternative releases; lots of unsigned groups.

The first edition was released last Wednesday and features new tracks from Grandmother’s house, Police car collective, 1st I, The crumpets of psychedelic porn, Fake ad, Wooze, Lime Garden, Joe Unknown and Doctor Orange among others. (You can listen through the link on the panel on this page).

Mike Bennett - Louder Than War Radio
Mike Bennett

Legendary Manchester-based producer Mike Bennet who worked on albums from The Fall, Fuzzbox and The Fat White Family joins the station from next Thursday 4e November for a regular 8 p.m. slot. The Mike Bennett Freak Party couldn’t be more diverse. Mike said:

“It’s great to be radioactive with a gargantuan glut of glam, psyche punk, a generous helping of industrial action and so much more. I’m perfectly propelled into space, which makes me thrilled to be a part of Louder Than War Radio!

Radio schedules are on this page: Louder Than War Radio Schedule

The station is currently looking for new presenters who will fit into the Louder Than War punk manifesto, but as John hinted, it won’t be one-dimensional. A new drum and bass show is in development for Friday nights, and a number of the magazine’s writers are preparing ideas for their own shows.

Nigel added: “It was a roller coaster a few weeks after the big debacle, but as always Louder Than War, being an ultra-progressive organization, is not looking back. They did what they did and should be ashamed of themselves, but we are speeding up at lightning speed away from the sad situation. Anyone who wants to join us for the ride, don your spacesuits and throw! “.

The all new Louder Than War radio is live and online now via this link: Listen Live!

Apple and Android apps will be ready for download starting next week and stations will also be available through Alexa and all popular streaming platforms.

Old Louder Than War shows are still available to listen live – lots of links are on this page and new shows will be added to Mixcloud for replay after they air! The link is here: Louder Than War Mixcloud.


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