Manchester community radio announces first anniversary party – News

At the event, manager Hannah O’Gorman said, “Having started primarily online, we’re excited to finally have a great Steam family reunion! It will be the perfect opportunity for our DJs, listeners and the Manchester community to get to know each other and see absolutely amazing artists, from local favorites to global stars. If you see me getting emotional on the dance floor, no!

Steam Radio initially emerged in March 2020, as TOAT (The Old Abbey Tap) Radio, as a means of communication and connection during the pandemic, in which the industry was warned that 81% of nightclubs Britons would not survive by the industries of the night. Association. While TOAT radio intended to fill in the gaps presented by Covid, the show was canceled soon after it appeared.

It was quickly relaunched in October later that year as Steam Radio, with an expanded DJ roster and management team.

Meanwhile, the station worked with Save Our Scene and Arts Council England to open a studio that offers workshops and a safe space for everyone: what director Liam Armstrong says:

“We are always looking for more contributors, as well as people to get involved in radio production. We want to reach as large and strange an audience as possible, ideally encouraging complete newbies to come and have a try. Keep an eye out for other workshops in the near future.

You can purchase tickets for the event here.

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