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Press release: 65 community cases of COVID-19; 1 new case in isolation managed; more than 68,000 vaccines administered yesterday

October 15

There are 65 new community cases today. As of 11 a.m., 34 of those cases are linked, 10 are family contacts and 31 remain unrelated, with investigations continuing to help determine their link to the current outbreak.

Super saturday
Vaccination remains our number one protection against COVID-19. We are asking everyone in Aotearoa to get vaccinated or to help someone get vaccinated on Super Saturday – our national immunization day of action, tomorrow (October 16, 2021).

There will be over 120 supplemental vaccination sites open, with many sites operating with extended hours and events and prices offered in regions.

The Covid vaccination medical line (0800 28 29 26) will also have additional staff to answer all questions relating to vaccines.

A live Vaxathon will take place from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will celebrate the regions with the biggest change in the number of vaccinations and will be supported by well-known Kiwis.

Visit the Covid Unit Super Saturday Page for more information.

Number of new community cases 65
Number of new cases identified at the border A
Location of new community cases Auckland (65)
Location of community cases (total) Auckland 1,801 (including 1,170 cured); Waikato 37 (including 2 recovered); Wellington 17 (who all recovered)
Number of community cases (total) 1,855 (in the current community outbreak)
Contagious case in the community 30 of the 71 cases from yesterday have exposure events
Isolated cases during the entire period when they were infectious 41 of the 71 cases from yesterday
Epidemiologically related cases 34 of the 65 current cases
Case to be linked epidemiologically 31 of the 65 current cases.
Epidemiologically related cases (total) 1,712 (in the current cluster) (107 unrelated to the last 14 days)
Sub-clusters Given the number of unrelated cases each day, the sub-clusters are not currently being used in the active management of the outbreak in Auckland. Epidemiological links are explored during case interviews and whole genome sequencing is undertaken for all cases, but the emphasis is on case isolation and identification, testing and isolation of close contacts .
Hospital case 34 (total): Côte-Nord (3); Middlemore (18); Auckland (12); Palmerston North Hospital (1)
Case in ICU or HDU Six
Confirmed cases (total) 4,538 since the start of the pandemic
Historical cases, since January 1, 2021 (total) 169 out of 2,723 since January 1, 2021
Number of active contacts managed (total): 1973
Percentage who received an outgoing call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements) 85%
Percentage with at least one test result 81%
Place of interest
Places of interest (total) 428 (as of October 15 at 10 a.m.)
Number of tests (total) 3,701,367
Total number of tests (last 24 hours) 27 766
Tests processed in Auckland (last 24 hours) 12 888
Running average of tests (last 7 days) 22,612
Auckland test centers 20
Wastewater detections A second sample of wastewater taken from Te Awamutu on Wednesday tested positive for COVID-19.

COVID-19 was also detected in a composite sample taken in Wellsford on Tuesday.

COVID-19 vaccine update
Vaccines administered to date (total) 6,113,819; 1st doses: 3,512,376 (83%); 2sd doses: 2,601,443 (62%)
Vaccines administered yesterday (total) 68,003; 1st doses: 15,121; 2sd doses: 52,882
Maori 1st doses: 361,310; 2sd doses: 236,057
Peoples of the Pacific 1st doses: 223,947; 2sd doses: 156,831
Vaccines administered to Auckland residents to date (total) 2 214 969: 1st doses: 1,256,071 (88%); 2nd dose: 958,898 (67%)
Vaccines administered to residents of Auckland yesterday (total) 20,970: 1st dose: 3,571, 2nd dose: 17,399
New Zealand COVID Tracker
Registered users (total) 3,299,053
Poster scans (total) 431 206 310
Manual journal entries (total) 18 276 853
Poster scans in 24 hours at noon yesterday 2,436,412

New case identified at the border

Arrival date Of Going through Day / reason for positive test Managed isolation / quarantine location
October 13 Russia United Arab Emirates Day 0 / routine Auckland

Waikato update
Waikato DHB continues to conduct testing across the region, to help rule out any undetected community spread of COVID-19.

There are now five community testing centers available across Waikato, including a pop-up testing center in Te Awamutu after a second positive detection of wastewater in the zone.

Public health officials have yet to identify anyone who has returned to the area after a managed isolation and quarantine and may shed the virus in the area.

For this reason, anyone in the Te Awamutu area who has symptoms of COVID-19, or whose family or household members are symptomatic, or anyone who regularly travels in and out of the area for work, is invited to get tested as soon as possible.

Anyone who has been in a place of interest at the relevant time and is now in Te Awamutu should also be tested.

The location of the test sites in and around Te Awamutu and Waikato is available on the Healthpoint website and the Waikato DHB website.

There are no new cases to report in Waikato today, with the total number of cases in the region associated with this outbreak remaining at 37. Of those cases, two (who are part of the same household) have yet to be linked to another case, with investigations into the source of their infection ongoing.

The results of whole genome sequencing from samples of these two cases reported on Wednesday (October 13) show that they are linked to other local cases and to the Auckland epidemic. Hamilton residents are encouraged to continue to visit the ministry website for all places of interest.

Meanwhile, vaccination rates in Waikato remained high yesterday with 6,502 people given a dose – of these, 1,939 were first doses and 4,563 were second doses. Yesterday, approximately 3,500 swabs were also taken in the area.

Next update
Ministry updates over the weekend will be via press releases, unless there are significant developments.

Alert levels for Northland, Auckland and Waikato will be reviewed again on Monday.

At this point, the next press conference is scheduled for Monday, October 18.


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