Mohawk College revamps its broadcasting program

Third-year journalism student Kaci Alvarez is on Mohawk College’s new INDI 101-5 FM radio station.
  • INDI 101-5 FM station manager Marie Cassidy says rebranding the Mohawk College radio station will give students a more hands-on experience.

There’s a new sound in the media wing of Mohawk College’s Fennell campus.

Beginning at noon on January 17, college FM radio station The Hawk was rebranded as INDI 101-5 featuring alternative rock music from local bands and student vocals on weekdays and community programming on evenings and weekends. -end.

Sam Cook, program coordinator Radio and Creative Content (formerly Broadcasting-Radio) at Mohawk, said the change reflects the program’s total program overhaul.

“We wanted to look at the program as a whole and determine the industry requirements,” said Cook, who noted that they suspended freshman admissions last September and spoke to radio experts in Canada and in the United States over the past year. before making any changes.

These changes include the addition of news, social media, digital creative content (including videos and podcasts) and voiceover training to the two-year program.

Radio station program directors now want students to be able to go on the air, produce their own show but also produce content,” Cook said.

Additionally, Cook noted that students will now receive training on how to set up their own home studios and start their own voiceover/podcasting business.

“So when they leave Mohawk College, they’re not dependent on a company to get them a job,” she said. “They can actually go over there and make one for themselves.”

Cook said around 40 students will be accepted when the revamped radio program resumes in September.

“We already have apps,” Cook said.

Peter Maurin, professor of creative industries and coordinator of the Pre-Media program at Mohawk, said the changes reflect the new normal in broadcasting.

“I think the typical radio person of today and tomorrow will have to be versatile,” Maurin said. “They say the successful radio/broadcasting graduate will have to know how to do it all; (they) will need to know how sales work, know how social media works, you will need to know everything.

Marie Cassidy, station manager and technologist at INDI 101-5 and Ignite Radio, Mohawk’s online radio station, said both outlets have been revamped with new websites and logos.

“Everything is redone to support the redevelopment of the radio program,” Cassidy said.

She noted that student programming, including podcasts, will air on the FM station between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the week.

“It’s really about trying to focus on developing the next generation of broadcasters and giving them as many opportunities as possible to be involved with the station.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and campus restrictions, live student programming at the station is limited.

Cassidy said she hopes to see more students at INDI 101-5 studios in September.

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