Necessary checks at Kaimahi checkpoint


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Adam gifford

Wally Haumaha: Necessary checks at Kaimahi checkpoint

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The police defend the control of the iwi volunteers working at the checkpoints in the direction of Te Taitokerau.

There was tension between the groups yesterday after some volunteers were turned away because no checks were made to see if they had criminal convictions.

Deputy Commissioner Wally Haumaha said legislation allowing police to use volunteers was only passed last week and included a requirement that people delegated to enforce health orders be vetted and trained.

He says the relationship with iwi in the north has been built over many years and the issue is a minor issue that can be resolved.

“Screening is an important part of reassuring those going through checkpoints, and I think people would expect us to set certain parameters regarding who we allow to work with us,” Haumaha said. .

The first day of the checkpoint went well, with only a few cars turned back because the occupants could not show they were doubly vaccinated or had a recent negative Covid test.


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