New Belfast 247 radio station launches competition to find new talent

Seek out the next generation of radio hosts

Belfast 247 radio station is looking for new hosts as the station continues to grow, and they want to ensure that young people have the chance to train and learn.

Presenter and program director Robin Elliott said finding new talent is a key project for Belfast 247.

“While we are always on the lookout for new presenters, regardless of age, we want to create the opportunity through our search for new talent to give young people who want to break into the broadcasting industry the opportunity to ‘learn, create and hone their skills,’ he explained.

“In Northern Ireland there are only a small number of opportunities for young people to gain broadcasting experience and very often it can be difficult for them to get their foot in the door.”

Launched in May this year, Belfast 247 is Northern Ireland’s newest online radio station broadcasting all of the biggest hits from the 1960s to today. From The Beatles, Cher and Abba to Queen, Dolly Parton and Lady Gaga, the station is full of anthem songs that have shaped generations.

Since launching earlier in the year, it has grown and grown its audience thanks to the existing team and the completion of major interviews with a multitude of big names.

“We launched in May, but now we have really found our marks and are ready for the next phase with new projects and new shows,” the broadcaster said.

“There are a lot of exciting projects, and we want to make sure we have an ever-expanding presenter pool. “

Station General Manager and Presenter Tina Calder said: “One thing that excites me and Robin both is to give young people who want to break into the broadcasting industry the opportunity to learn, create and develop their skills. We want to make it accessible to them.

She explained that the opportunities were more than just a showcase.

“Each month we will ask people to submit their links for a one hour show, that show will then be scheduled on the station during the month,” Tina said.

“At the end of the month, whoever has the highest ratings will be offered the opportunity to have their own show for at least three months.

“Not only will we also be offering new voice advertising management support and advice, training in the use of radio broadcast systems, coaching as a presenter and a range of other production skills. ”

To listen to Belfast 247, go to, download the app or listen on your Alexa smart speaker by saying “Alexa, activate Belfast 247 skills” then “Alexa is launching Belfast 247” from there.

For more information on finding new talent, visit or to enter the contest, email [email protected] for a contest pack.

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