New Seattle radio show shines a light on BIPOC artists in classical music


“Unmute the Voices” on Classical KING FM highlights and celebrates classical composers, musicians and singers of color. # k5evening

Dr. Quinton Morris, a gifted concert violinist and chamber musician, began playing his instrument as a child.

Over time, he noticed a trend.

“I’ve always been the only black person or person of color in many performance spaces I’ve been,” Morris said.

As an adult, Morris decided to change this for others.

“Because there has not been a strong representation in symphonies, operas and classical music as a whole, it is important for us to be able to create a show like unmute the voices where can we not only put in obviously, but also celebrating their accomplishments and sharing their stories, which are so important, ”Morris shared.

Morris founded the association The key to change to provide underserved youth with world-class education and musical development.

But there was still more to do!

Quinton is now the host of “Restore voices“- a monthly radio show on classic KING FM.

This celebrates BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color) art in classical music by highlighting compositions and performances by BIPOC artists.

Having a show like this is so important because it allows us to showcase and showcase the great artistry that they do. When they hear them on the radio, they are judged on their artistry rather than their color. He happens to be a person of color, but they play great music, ”Morris explained.

KING FM CEO Brenda Barnes said it was the death of George Floyd that sparked the conversations that led to “Unmute the Voices”.

“All of us in the arts have had to take a step back and think about how much effort we really made to diversify our field. We are in a field with 100 years of exclusion. It is just not acceptable to continue in this mode any longer, “said Barnes.

Unmute the Voices airs every third Saturday at 3 p.m. on Classical KING FM. They also launched a video series to share the stories behind the featured artists.

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