Northern Colorado Radio Broadcasting Initiative Gives Athletes Chance To Host

Student-athletes have the opportunity to get on the radio and potentially earn sponsorships through a new 1310 KFKA initiative.

Radio station Greeley announced this week the creation of its KFKA Player Network, which will feature college athletes in northern Colorado.

He will begin his first show, The Ellison Hubbard Show, on the network next week. Fort Collins-based Krazy Karl’s Pizza is the show’s sponsor.

Hubbard is a defensive lineman and graduate student at Colorado State. He is originally from Loganville, Georgia, and is interested in sports media and radio.

“It means a lot to have my own show because it’s a passion for me to be in the media industry,” Hubbard said in a press release. “Starting my own show in college is a blessing and being sponsored by my favorite pizza place, Krazy Karl’s, is amazing.”

In early July, the NCAA began allowing student-athletes to earn money through their name, image, and likeness. This means that they can receive money from referrals, referrals, product partnerships, appearances and more. Previously, they couldn’t participate or earn money from these opportunities.

The University of Northern Colorado estimates that most student-athletes have earning potential of up to $ 3,000. There are about 50 or 60, however, which the university says could run up to $ 6,000. Earning potential is expected to be lower for UNC athletes than Colorado or CSU athletes due to the level of awareness of the program.

Radio sponsorships could be one of the many opportunities that UNC athletes could benefit from.

The Hubbard show will air as part of The Hull Show at 1 p.m. Monday. KFKA General Manager Brady Hull will host alongside Hubbard. The first episode will take place on Monday and will be available as a podcast after it airs.

“Ellison isn’t just a hell of a football player; he’s an exceptional young man, ”Hull said in the statement. “I’m so excited that we can give listeners player potential (sic) as we go through the football season.”

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