NuLeaf Digital, MannGroup Radio Add Runnymeade Media, LI Radio Broadcasting, More

NuLeaf: Added customers.

National radio syndicator MANNGROUP RADIO and veteran major market radio personality and executive TODD BAKER are now providing white label digital advertising services to five new broadcast clients through BAKER’s company, NULEAF DIGITAL.

MANNGROUP Chairman ED MANN said, “Digital sales provide a huge roster for local sellers to extend the reach of their signals, literally around the world, as well as drive new customers to their radio groups and to radio in general. NULEAF has removed all barriers to entry by eliminating the cost to broadcasters. The new signatories do not currently pay anything, neither money nor barter, to enter the platform, and the radio clearly adopts their program.

BAKER added, “It’s digital for broadcasters by broadcasters. Radio has to sell digital and who better understands the needs of radio than other broadcasters? From OTT/CTV (the ads you see when watching HULU or YOUTUBE TV for example) to setting up geofences around a station customer’s competitors… we not only provide the full service, we also educate our radios continuously. And it costs nothing to get started! Yes, nothing!”


Said RUNNYMEADE MEDIA GM TOM MEDORS, “I only wish I had called them sooner.”

STEFAN RYBAK, Managing Director of LONG ISLAND BRADCASTING/LONG ISLAND DIGITAL, said, “The next step for radio sales is to offer local direct customers more than traditional on-air spots. partnered with NULEAF for their white label digital marketing solutions.Now our sellers can offer business owners in our area a wide range of options that will help them grow their customer base, sales and profits, while also increasing our billing.

For more information, go here. For more affiliate information, email [email protected] or (310) 346-4991

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