Pee-wee Herman takes over radio station after hilarious plea

Few of the characters reach an iconic level that can even compare to Paul Reubens’ Pee-wee Herman. Over three decades ago Pee-wee’s playhouse turned Saturday mornings into colorful adventures with larger-than-life characters. In the best possible way, this show was a lot. Puppets, talking furniture, secret words, weird neighbors, a playhouse that looked like the product of a childhood chaotic fever dream.

Decades later, there has never been someone like Pee-wee. His childlike wonder remains unprecedented, and recently Paul Rubens introduced a new generation to his iconic character in the most pee-wee way possible. In mid-November, the hobbyist took to Twitter with a call to his favorite radio station, KCRW.

Pee-wee Herman’s social media presence is surprisingly large, considering she barely existed at the height of her fame. In a tweet that bridged the gap between the ’80s and today, Pee-wee shared a photo of a personal letter – one he obviously wrote with a typewriter.

“Hello @KCRW, did you receive the letter I sent you?” Pee-wee captioned the photo. “I REALLY REALLY want to be a radio disc jockey. But I never heard from you.

The “aspiring disc jockey and music lover” details his dream, insisting that the typed letter was created specifically for his favorite radio station (despite comically obvious evidence to the contrary). The persistent star then called the ratio station before continuing to tweet to them, urging her followers to do the same. And uh, they really freaked out. Overwhelmed by calls and messages, KCRW gave in to very reasonable demand, and The Pee-wee Herman Radio Hour was born.

“When I first wrote to KCRW asking them to put me on the air, they didn’t even believe it was me until a group of my fans called and blocked their phone lines. . I love this story, ”KCRW said in a statement. “Ironically, I can now present to you the greatest show that has EVER aired. This is your personal invitation to join me, my amazing voice, my friends Chairry, Magic Screen, Miss Yvonne and some special and top-secret guests for the very first HERMAN PEE-WEE RADIO HOUR !!! “

Read the full hilarious statement, and for a limited time, stream the full show here.

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