Pershy, four other TV channels

The National Television and Radio Council, at a meeting on Thursday, March 11, imposed a warning announcement sanction on six television stations, including Z ZIK and UA:Pershy.

The regulator decided to issue a warning to the television and radio company New Communications (Lviv, multi-channel broadcasting, logo Z ZIK) for non-compliance with the requirements of the law regarding the publication of information about the authors and producers of the concert “White Cranes” program.

According to the regulator, on May 9, 2020, a broadcast of the White Cranes concert dedicated to the Day of Victory over Nazism in World War II was recorded on the airwaves of the Z ZIK television channel, without specifying the name of the concert. author or authors, the name and address of the program producer. At the same time, the content was produced by the production of LLC Freedom by order of the JSC NTV Television Company (Russian Federation).

“This fact indicates that this form of broadcasting may have signs of concealment of the television production of NTV Television Company, to which Ukraine has applied sanctions,” the National Council said.

The regulator also applied a warning announcement sanction to the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NOTU, UA logo: Pershy) for airing alcohol advertisements in violation of advertising rules and of sponsorship and for non-compliance with the terms of the license and the concept of broadcasting program in terms of reducing the minimum share of the national audiovisual product.

In addition, the National Television and Radio Council decided to issue a warning to LLC TV Channel MEGA (Kyiv, M logo) for non-compliance with the conditions of the license and the programmatic concept of broadcasting and decreasing the part of Ukrainian -made broadcasts, and also ordered to eliminate violations within a month.

Also, following the results of an unannounced on-site verification of TRO ORION LLC (Enerhodar, EnTV logo), the National Council decided to issue a warning to the broadcaster for its failure to comply with the broadcasting rules on television channels and radio on days of mourning and commemoration.

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