Ragini Booputh “goes up” on local radio


Ragini Booputh is the reporter for the segments: “Kitchen Spoils with Ragini” and “Motivational Minute with Ragini” which airs at 4:40 p.m. every Friday and 9:20 a.m. every Monday on Sunrise FM, respectively.

The Rising Sun recently met the dynamic woman and asked her about her background, her interest in radio, her goals and her impressions of Sunrise FM.

Tell us about your background.

Born in Chatsworth, I developed an interest in cooking, fashion and the creative arts during my school years. I was accepted as an apprentice to the head designer at SM Lockats, where I mastered the know-how of sewing. Shortly after this position, I started a catering business, which served tenants at Chatsworth Center, Bangladesh Market and other small businesses in the area. Regarding my academic qualifications, I completed an Early Childhood Development course and Bachelor of Education degree at UNISA. Throughout my teaching career, I have successfully taught in several schools. After my recovery, I had a renewed outlook on life and coordinated several philanthropic initiatives, such as diet programs and the development of a non-profit project called HOPE, which provided baskets of food to needy schools, particularly in Chatsworth.

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Why do you have a passion for radio?

Radio has been my true companion since I can remember. It’s not just a passion, but an integral part of my life. During my childhood, we didn’t have a television until the 1980s, so radio was my only connection to the world. Turning on the radio and pretending to be a DJ, recording my favorite radio songs and listening carefully to detective shows, the radio was a real source of entertainment for me.

Why did you join Sunrise FM and how is the station different?

While looking for teaching positions, I came across Sunrise FM advertising and decided to apply to pursue a career in radio presentation. I wanted to expand my niche. Sunrise FM is a professional radio station, founded on good values ​​and good principles. What I love about the station is that it has engaging programming content for its listeners. The station also embraces diversity – each presenter has a unique personality, different backgrounds, professional profiles and skills brought together by a visionary, Mr. Althaf Suleman.

How would you describe your “Cooking Treats with Ragini” and “Motivational Motivation with Ragini” reporting segments?

“Kitchen Spoils with Ragini” is something I am very passionate about, as it touches on my interests and culinary background. The segment is informative and provides recipes and cooking tips. It accommodates all levels of culinary experience and food preferences from those just learning to cook to those looking to improve their cooking skills. My segment airs on Fridays at 4:40 p.m. which is ideal as it gives our listeners ideas on what to cook on the weekends. My recipes are also posted on Sunrise FM’s social media platforms, making it easy for listeners to create their own cookbook. ‘Motivational Minute with Ragini’ airs Mondays at 9.20am and gives listeners a boost to start their week on an upbeat note. We know that many are currently facing challenges with COVID-19 and related issues such as loss, death, and lack of income. My segment aims to give hope and faith to listeners facing these challenges.

Name one of your notable accomplishments.

I have some academic and professional achievements, which I am grateful to have achieved. However, my greatest achievement has been to be a survivor of cancer and many other challenges that I have faced in my life.

What are your future goals specifically in relation to your career at Sunrise FM?

Sunrise FM continues to grow and excel as a radio station. As I develop my radio skills I would like to host my own show where I can focus on community empowerment through education. I hope to continue adding more value to my feature segments to find ways to improve content based on the needs of my listeners, it’s always about having a teachable attitude and adapting as needed.


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