Rotorua race brings out racists

Pierre Verschaffelt

Rotorua race brings out racists

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A Rotorua Lakes district councilor is disappointed with the racism displayed in this year’s local elections.

Merepeka Raukawa Tait says this is more evident than in previous election cycles.

Some if it seems to be triggered by the introduction of a Maori neighborhood, and she puts it down to white fear.

“Pake always thinks that when Maori sit down at the table something is going to be taken away from them rather than thinking about the value we actually provide. I’m just navigating and I think ultimately the voters will decide. If they say “thanks Merepeka but no thanks”, kei te pai, I can live with that. I would like them to think about my background, introduce myself, speak and stand up,” says Ms. Raukawa Tait.

She is disappointed that three Maori are running for mayor, as it could split the vote and let a non-Maori pass.

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