Scottish radio station splits fans with ‘Scottish’ fried McDonald’s breakfast

A POPULAR Scottish radio station has divided fans after eating a ‘Scottish’ McDonald’s breakfast.

Pure Radio Scotland shared their hearty breakfast from the popular food chain on Facebook, but this time there’s a twist – they fried the whole meal.


Scottish radio station splits fans with ‘Scottish’ fried McDonald’s breakfastCredit: FACEBOOK: Pure Radio Ecosse
Everything from pancakes to apple slices was fried


Everything from pancakes to apple slices was friedCredit: FACEBOOK: Pure Radio Ecosse

The morning meal consisted of a fried sausage and Egg McMuffin, fried pancakes in syrup, and even a bag of French fries.

In a Facebook post, the digital radio station wrote, ‘Eat McDonald’s the Scottish way’ with a heart-eyed emoji.

Divided fans flocked to the post’s comments, which drew hundreds of reactions and a handful of shares.

Some Scots loved the fatty breakfast, praising the radio station for their creativity.

One person commented, “I would eat that. I’m not gonna lie “with a series of emojis featuring clapping hands, a thumbs-up, and a laughing face.

Someone else said, “Put syrup on the fried apple..x” with a slobbery face emoji.

A third posted: “That would be so good. “

Others, however, weren’t sold on McDonald’s Fried Meal.

Someone called it “Fried heart attack”.

Someone else wrote, ‘I’d call it how to ruin a McDonald’s the Scottish way,’ with a monkey emoji covering its eyes.

A third said, “It’s ming xxx.”

Popular Scottish food blogger Dazza also weighed in on the debate.

The social media influencer, famous for his Does It Fry show, is known for putting it all in the deep fryer.

Gordon Ramsay slammed for charging £ 24.50 for fish and EXTRA £ 7 for fries

Recently appearing on Channel 4’s hit show Come Dine With Me, Dazza horrified contestants after he concocted a fried lasagna for his main meal.

But even that is too much for the frying enthusiast.

Commenting on the post, he said: “It’s even too much for me.”

The comment received over 300 likes and Pure Radio responded, “Dazza! Now that means something bud. It gives you arteries like beams! With a starry eyed skull emoji.

The station broadcasts ‘the best music in Scotland’ across the central belt and Aberdeenshire.

But they’re not the only ones who’ve recently concocted some weird fried foods.

In August, a takeout from Lanarkshire blew punters off with its massive chicken ball stuffed with curry sauce, fried rice and meat.

The mouth-watering concoction went viral with nearly a million views after a starving Scottish man shared footage of his find on TikTok.

Come Dine With Me contestants are horrified as Scottish host Dazza cooks fried LASAGNA for main course

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