Texas radio show host Mason blew up voicemail messages from man who lifted her


The host of the Dallas radio show, Susan ‘Mason’ Moussette, thought the voicemail messages from the guy who lifted her were wild. Then her mother left a voicemail message.

Mason, who hosts Hot Mornings with Mason for Dallas station HOT 93.3, went viral when she posted voicemail messages from a man who pitted her on a date with his TikTok on Monday morning. Mason, who’s already big on TikTok, says his story then exploded Twitter.

Mason says in the video that after spending time getting ready and showing up at the restaurant where she was to meet her date last Friday, she got up. She waited there for half an hour before leaving.

The man called Mason two hours later to tell him that his father was in the hospital. He then called back to say it was a lie.

“He then started leaving me about five or six more voicemail messages,” Mason said.

The first voicemail was sorry, and then the other wasn’t. The man says he opened up to Mason and wanted to be called back. He even threatens her with legal action if she puts the voicemail messages on TikTok, but still wants to be called back.

“I’ve left you several messages that have overwhelmed me. All I’m asking is a callback,” the man said in a voicemail. “I just don’t understand girls like you. I thought you were different.

Mason goes on to say that she is the same as the other girls – “scared for my life”.

To be fair, voice messages are gaslighter. They give a dodged bullet.

But wait. There is more.

Since the publication of his original voicemails, Mason has received very long voicemails from the mother of the man trying to erase the name of her “good and nice boy”, now known as Bradley, with a “southern hospitality”.


I was in TikTok prison, sorry I took a long time to post! Crazy voice messages from his MOTHER. ## fyp ## crazyvoicemailsfrombradandhismother ## comedy ## radio ## dallasradio ## storytime

original sound – Mason (Maseyfaceradio)

The mother realizes it was none of her business, but she wanted to make things right, so she invited her over to the family home for a barbecue and board games.

“Bradley is really good at barbecues,” the mom said into voicemail. “He makes the best barbecue sauce you’ve ever had in your life. He should bottle it and sell it.”

Mason was not convinced. And that’s where the story ends for now. Hopefully for good.

Listen to the rest of Mason’s voicemail messages on TikTok.


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