The CRTC authorizes a major change in the Quebec radio landscape


OTTAWA, April 30, 2019 / CNW / – Today, the CRTC authorized Leclerc Communication’s application to acquire the CHOI-FM radio stations in Quebec city and CKLX-FM in Montreal.

In Quebec city, the CRTC requires Leclerc Communication to comply with Common property policy for the radio, and denied the company’s exception request. Consequently, Leclerc Communication will not be able to operate more than two French-language commercial FM radio stations in this market.

The CRTC authorized an amendment to CKLX-FM Montréal’s license to remove the conditions attached to its specialized spoken word format. This will allow CKLX-FM to become a mainstream music station and thus improve music programming for consumers. Montreal market and maintain a diversity of voices. The format proposed by Leclerc will allow many French-speaking Canadian artists, especially emerging artists, to increase their visibility.

The new CHOI-FM (Quebec city) and CKLX-FM (Montreal) the broadcasting licenses will expire on August 31, 2024.


“Today we approve a major change in of Quebec broadcasting landscape. The format proposed for the Montreal station includes the creation of a newsroom that will add a new editorial voice to the market, in addition to serving as a showcase for emerging artists. In Quebec city, the CRTC will continue to apply its policy to maintain a competitive equilibrium in this market and prevent a single player from dominating in terms of revenue and listening.

– Dr. Caroline J. Simard, Vice-President, Broadcasting

Fast facts

  • Leclerc Communication currently owns two French-language commercial FM radio stations in the Quebec city market: CJEC-FM (WKND 91.9) and CFEL-FM (BLVD 102.1).
  • The Common ownership policy for radio states that in markets with eight or more commercial stations operating in a particular language, a person may be authorized to own or control up to two AM stations and two FM stations in that language.
  • The policy aims to ensure that Canadians have access to a variety of editorial voices within the radio component of the broadcasting system and that a competitive balance among broadcasters in a particular market is maintained.

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