The literacy deficit is a failure for human rights

Photo: Literacy Aotearoa Facebook.

Adam Gifford

Bronwyn Yates: Literacy deficit is a failure for human rights

The leader of Literacy Aotearoa said that while the new strategic approach promised by the government could improve literacy and numeracy among the rangatahi, more needed to be done to meet the literacy needs of one and a quarter million adults, including 400,000 Maori.

Bronwyn Yates says it’s a failure of the education system, which is also a failure of human rights, that needs to be addressed.

“People who struggle with literacy and numeracy, what we know is that when they leave school, 65% of those people don’t want to engage or re-engage in education, but when we re-engage them in education, when we show them that they can achieve, when we show them that success is within their reach, the differences, the turnaround, the opportunities are phenomenal,” she says.

Ms Yates says there is plenty of research into what works – if it can be funded.

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